ACICE – 2013


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ACICE – 2013

23rd & 24th October, 2013

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(Women’s University)

TIRUPATI – 517502


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  Brochure                                       Proceedings                                          Moments

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1  Emergency Communication Planning for Smoke and Fire Detection  through Wireless Network
2  A comparative study on different object oriented metrics
3  A Novel Ferry-Initiated Message Ferrying Approach for Data Delivery in  Disconnected Mobile Ad Hoc Networks through Native Ferries
4  ETL Testing in Datawarehousing
5  Password Recognition System Using LIS3LV02DQ MEMS Sensor And  PIC16F877A Microcontroller
6  A Study on  Security Attacks through Prevention Techniques
7  A Web Based Quality Function Information Management 
8  Minimisation Of High Density Impulse Noise  by  Using Non linear Filter
9  High Speed ATM Security System using LPC2148 Microcontroller, AT77CI04B  Finger Print Recognition and GSM 
10  Providing Data Security in Cloud Computing using public key cryptography
11  Software Reliability Improvement using Empirical Bayesian Method
12  Authentication for Online Transactions Using Tokens via Mobile Phones
13  Robust UART IP Softcore with a DMA Controller
14  A Review on New Technology: Quantum Cryptography
15  Palliation of Factors that Severely Affect the Processing of  Atmospheric Radar# Signals Through Segment Method
16  Dynamic HCA Protocol for a Multi-Interface Wireless Mesh Network
17  Interfacing of Software Drivers on ARM9 Processor by Porting with Linux using  HMI
18  Performance Analysis of Contrast Stretching Enhancement Techniques for  Medical Images
19  Security Issues in E-Commerce Web Applications
20  Joint Histogram Between Multi-resolution LBPs for Content Based Image Retrieval
21  POS Tagger for Sanskrit
22  BIST Controller Design to Monitor Fault Detection Activity with Hold Logic and a  Signature Generation Element
23  The Effectiveness of Monitoring the Intrusion Detection in Manets
24  DC Power Supply System by using Inductive Filtering Method for Industrial Application
25  A Novel Effective Bandwidth Approach to CAC in ATM networks
26  Performance Analysis of Fuzzy Logic Controller Configurations
27  Implementation of Adder by using FPGA with Low Power Consumption and Area
28  Enhancing And Scalability In Big Data and Cloud Computing:  Future Opportunities And Security
29  Comparison of TnT, Max.Ent, CRF Taggers for Urdu Language
30  Automatic Wavelet-based Nonlinear Image Enhancement for Aerial Imagery
31  Quantum Dot Cellular Automata- The Endowment for Modern computing
32  Comparison of Telugu Speech Recognition Accuracy among the Male and Female Speech 
33  A Focus on different frauds and using Data mining to enhance business process in banking sector
34  Color Image Retrieval Using Mixed Binary Patterns 
35  Efficient Distributed Packet–Buffers for Routers in High-Speed Networks
36  E-Shape Patch Antenna for Millimeter Wave Communication
37  Real Time paddy crop field monitoring using Zigbee Network
38  A Microcontroller Based Protection and Control of a Low Voltage Motors by Using Zigbee Technology
39 Optimization Techniques for Web Content Mining- A Survey
40  An Efficient Filtering Approaches For Recognizing and Suppression of Duplicate Web Documents
41  Data Mining Techniques for Time Series Data
42  A Comparison of Adaboost and Learn++ Distribution Update Rule
43  Fuzzy Inference System and its applications to Data Mining
44  A Dynamic Solution for Association Rules Mining
45  Road Map for Navigation Using GPS Data
46  A Survey on Improvements of Prefixspan Sequential Pattern Mining Algorithm
47  A Study on Document Clustering
48  Pattern Recognition System in Probability and Statistics
49  Efficient utilization of spectrum bandwidth using Cognitive Radio to improve throughput in wireless adhoc networks
50  Fault Tolerance in Cloud Computing
51  Resource Allocation Using Entropy Based FIFO Method in Mobile Cloud Computing
52  Mining frequent item sets using map reduce paradigm
53  A Survey on Effectiveness of Data Mining Techniques on Cancer Data Sets
54  Ingenious Tools of Soft Computing
55  Status QUO of Semantic-Based Text Document Clustering: A Review
56  Data Mining : Exploring Big Data Using Hadoop and MapReduce
57  Analysis of (n,n) Size Invariant Visual Cryptography Schemes
58  An Overview of Automatic Facial Expression Recognition
59  Intrusion Detection Technique for Web Delivered Services
60  Multimodal Biometric System Using Iris – Fingerprint: An Overview
 61  An Efficient Interactive Image Segmentation by Maximal Similarity Based Region Merging With Artificial Neural Networks for MRI Medical Images
 62  SOA and Cloud Computing Approaches to Distributed Applications Using WCF
 63  Practical Influences of Direct and Indirect Association Rules in Real-Time  Applications
 64  Structuring Innovation Ethnicity Using Network Morphology
 65  Complex Impedance Spectroscopy of Epoxy & Polycarbonates
 66 Next Generation Pattern Mining Techniques
 67 Preprocessing of Printed Telugu Document for Character Recognition